Rite Aid Shopping

I am so excited to be able to share Tricia’s greatest frugal find of 2009: Rite Aid Pharmacy!  I know it sounds a little strange, but Rite-Aid has come an incredibly long way to ensure their customers get the best prices, deals, and conveniences drug stores offer. I cannot tell you how excited I am every week to get my Rite Aid weekly circular. Rite Aid offers programs including Single Check Rebates (SCR), Video Value Program, and we also are lucky to have wellness+ in our area!

First, the Single Check Rebate is phenomenal, and very easy to use! I have been using the program since August 2009, and receive the checks every month that I deposit into my own bank account. Instead of re-inventing the wheel please head on over here (thanks for the mommas!) for an awesome Rite Aid 101!

Second, Rite Aid offers Video Value Rewards which is another awesome program. Basically you register, then watch videos of the latest products and save big with over 75 exclusive in-store coupons. Including a bonus offer (after you view videos and receive 20 credits) each month which is a $5 off $20.00 purchase at Rite Aid! These coupons are very valuable so you want to check this program out!

Third, is the wellness+ program. We have been fortunate in the Buffalo, NY area to be one of the first cities who have this program, and so far I love it. All the details are over here. It’s a reward card that can earn you points toward % of passes, wellness screenings, exclusive coupons and more. I know that yes, it’s another reward program card to carry, but you will not regret it! I very much encourage everyone when you go on your next trip to Rite Aid, to sign-up for wellness+ (if you have not already)

So, in closing each week I will go through and post the weekly frugal finds at Rite Aid for all of use to maximize all three of the programs they offer. I am excited and look forward to your comments!

Happy Frugal Finding!


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